Show in a Week

We are excited to announce our next show in a week will be:


Using our very own original scripts that are specifically written for the children who take part, writer Ed Hartland has produced our 4 previous scripts which provide every child with a role and the chance to shine on stage.

Rehearsals will take place from 9am - 3.30pm on Monday 22nd July to Thursday 25th July at St Stephens School, Winchester Road, TW1 1LF.

On Friday 26th July children will be required at the theatre from 3.30pm until the show starts.

The performance will take place on Friday 26th July at 6.30pm at The Exchange Theatre in Twickenham, tickets can be purchased here:


Wizard of Oz A5 JPEG.jpg

THE WIZARD OF OZ july 2019

“We all know what happened when Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto were whisked away by a tornado and ended up in Oz—talking scarecrow, rusty tin man, cowardly lion, and of course: a wicked witch—but do you know what happened next? And after that? And after that?”

Well, you had better pay attention because their armies are gathering to take the throne and declare them the true Wizard of Oz! The only hope of avoiding complete disaster lies with Dorothy and Toto who have returned to protect the weird and wonderful Oz from war…”

Director: Sam Davis

Adapted for the stage by Ed Hartland

Robin Hood may 2019

“The year is eleven-hundred-and-something. Richard the Lionheart, King of England, is missing and his cruel brother is ruling the land. In Nottingham the mysterious Robin Hood has been fighting back- stealing from the rich and giving to the poor- but word has it that he has been arrested and will be executed.”

Twenty-three children took to the stage in this funny and hilarious adaption of Robin Hood by Ed Hartland. Our students are growing in confidence and raising the bar with their incredible acting and characterisation! Audiences came from all over the land to gather in the wonderful Exchange auditorium and at the end a rapturous applause and hugs galore for this fantastic troupe of actors!

Director: Sam Davis

Writer: Ed Hartland (adapted for the stage)

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PeterPan JPEG.jpg

Peter Pan FEBRUARY 2019

This magical performance of Peter Pan filled The Exchange to the rafters with audiences coming from all over London. 15 wonderful children performed this classic story with a twist. Ed’s brilliant writing included two storytellers who guided our audience through the story.

Director: Sam Davis

Writer: Ed Hartland (adapted for the stage)


A fantastic cast of 12 children spent 4 days rehearsing this wonderful adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. On the final day, the children performed in a packed out theatre to friends and family who were thrilled by their performances.

Director: Sam Davis

Writer: Ed Hartland (adapted for the stage)

Alice In Wonderland blank.jpg

Treasure Island blank.jpg


Elizabeth Samuels Drama School students presented this timeless tale of pirates, lost treasure & mutiny. A cast of 12 children rehearsed Treasure Island over 4 days and performed at a brand new theatre called The Exchange in Twickenham. Families and friends were blown away by the talent!

Director: Sam Davis

Writer: Ed Hartland (adapted for the stage)